Multiple Sclerosis

What is Multiple Sclerosis(MS)?  Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an immune system disease. Myelin plays an important role in this disease. Myelin is a neuroglial cell to protect the nerve cells in the central nervous system.

Main purpose of immune system is to help people to fight with illness or infections. When your immune system think myelin is bad for body, immune system will attack it. Myelins are damage after the attack, your brain may be not able to receive the message from myelin or the message is pending to send to your brain.

Multiple Sclerosis will not transmit to others people. It is not life threatening but it will cause you become disability when it become worst or complicated cases. This disease is most common in women who around 20-40 years old then men.


Causes of Multiple Sclerosis

Scientist still did not found the main factor which causes Multiple Sclerosis. However, they had listed the possible causes for the disease.

    1. Genetic

Due to The Tole research, genetic have relationship with Multiple Sclerosis. If you have family member have suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, other close relative will have a high risk to get Multiple Sclerosis.

    1. Environment

In some of research shows, people who stay near to equator will have the lower risk to get Multiple Sclerosis. Scientist believe Multiple Sclerosis have relationship with Vitamin D (Sunlight).

    1. Infection

Some of the scientist thinks Multiple Sclerosis is causes by bacteria and virus infections.  However, scientists still not find out which virus or bacteria is the main reason causes it.

Sign and Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is affected the central nervous system, which is control the whole body activities. Different part of central nervous systems affect, different symptoms will occur. The following is the most common and possible symptoms that will occur:

  1. Loss of balance
  2. Difficult to walk or move your body
  3. Your leg or hand is weak or numbness
  4. Blur vision
  5. Fatigue
  6. Body feel pain
  7. Bladder Dysfunction
  8. Speech slow down
  9. Fuzzy pronunciation
  10. Hard to swallow
  11. Depression
  12. Hearing loss
  13. Bowel Dysfunction
Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis cannot be cure through any of the surgery or treatment because scientists still do not know what causes Multiple Sclerosis. However there is some alternative treatment can help to improve the symptoms and prevent Multiple Sclerosis.

Neuro Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Chinese Treatment is a traditional medical system originated from China 5000 years ago. It had been improve and corrected from different dynasty of Chinese Physician. Now a day, this medical system had combined some of the western medical technique, becomes more perfect.

Acupuncture is a technique using fine needle to puncture a specific point on your body. Acupuncture flow the Qi(energy) in your body to recover the cells. Neuro Acupuncture and Chinese herbal can help to balance the Yin and Yang in your body. Chinese Master believes when the Yin and Yang are not balance, Qi will also not flow well in your body system. When Yin, Yang and Qi are not balance, people will get sick. You did not feel very pain during acupuncture treatment.

Chinese Herbal are combines different herbs as a formula to treat Multiple Sclerosis. Different Chinese Physician has a different formula for different patients (due to the situations). Chinese Master has an effective Chinese Herbal formula for Multiple Sclerosis patient. This formula has been proving by a lot of MS patients.

The best reason why you should choose Chinese Treatment is because of this treatment will not bring any bad side effect during or after the treatment.  Chinese Herbal and acupuncture treatment not only help you to improve the symptoms and also prevent and slow down the attack progression.

Many people with Multiple Sclerosis choose acupuncture and Chinese herbal. Evidence shows acupuncture and herbal treatment is the most effective treatment to treat Multiple Sclerosis.

Diet Treatment

Diet plays an important role in Chinese medicine treatment. Research that done by Chinese Master shows, people who like to eat or eat a lot of meat will have a higher risk to get Multiple Sclerosis. Fish vegetables and fruits have a positive effect for Multiple Sclerosis.

Chinese Master research also shows, meat, cheese and eggs contain Multi-chain saturated, Fatty acid and Arachidonic acid. Multi-chain saturated, Fatty acid and Arachidonic acid will disturb you immune system. Chinese Master have a special diet plan designed for MS patients. If you need a balance and healthy diet plan, you can contact Chinese Master.


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